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Community Ed Spring schedule2014...non-credit courses for adults of all ages!

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Registration Information
Registration begins December 9th, at 8:00 a.m.

1.  By mail any time:  Payment by check (payable to ECS), Visa or MasterCard. Mail payment to: Community Education, 2424 California Road, Elkhart, IN  46514.

2.  Fax form to: (574) 262-5675. Please include Visa or MasterCard information.

3.  In Person.
4.  By phone: (574) 262-5678.  Payment by Visa or MasterCard.

Refund Policy
If a class has a limited number of students, you must request a refund 10 working days prior to the start of the class. If it is a class where supplies must be purchased, you must follow the 10 working days prior rule. For all other classes, you can request a refund before the second night of class. If a class is
cancelled due to low enrollment, the fee will be automatically refunded.

There are No refunds for bus trips.

We do not give confirmations. If a class cancels, you will be notified.

Registration Form

NAME ____________________ADDRESS_____________________________

CITY _________________________STATE_______________ZIP__________

HOME PHONE_______________ WORK PHONE_________________

VISA/MasterCard #__________________________

Expiration Date________________________

V Code (# on the Back)________________________

COURSE #1 ________________________________FEE $__________

COURSE #2 ________________________________FEE $__________

TOTAL ENCLOSED $ __________

Please note: We do not send course reminders.


If your check is returned unpaid, your account will be debited electronically for the original amount and electronically or via paper for the state's maximum allowable service fee. Payment by check constitutes authorization of these transactions. You may revoke this authorization by calling (800)666-5222, ext. 2, to arrange payment for any outstanding checks and service fees due.



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