Student Services

In this section, you'll find links to some of the student services provided by the Elkhart Community Schools. If you don't find what you're looking for here, contact the Department of Student Services.

Alternative Education
The district provides a variety of alternative education programs.

Information on Elkhart's district-wide attendance policies

District & Minority Transfers
The school a student attends is determined by boundaries established by the school board, but transfers are available in certain circumstances.

The Elkhart Way 
Read about the district's bullying prevention and positive behavior support activities

Foreign Student Enrollment
Information for foreign exchange students and their host families

Guidance Counseling
Middle and High Schools provide comprehensive guidance and counseling services.

Health Services
ECS provides full-time nursing services in all elementary and secondary schools.

Homebound Services
Services are available to students who are unable to attend school due to medical conditions or needs.

7-8 school physical & sports exam forms

IHSAA high school sports exam form

K-6, 9-12 school physical exam form 

Concussion parent form

Concussion Fact Sheet

Home Schooling
With permission, home school students may be permitted to participate in curricular offerings of the school district.

Legal Settlements
Information regarding the state's laws determining the school corporation which a student is entitled to attend.

Psychological Services
The district provides a range of services, including evaluation, consultation, and counseling.

Social Workers and Parent Resource Coordinators
A list of Elkhart employees available to help parents find the community resources they need to better the lives of their families.

Special Education
ECS operates a comprehensive special education program for students with disabilities.

Student Records & Transcript Requests
Learn how to request transcripts and other permanent records.

Teenage Parent Program
A licensed child care center is provided at each high school for students enrolled in TAPP courses.

Work Permits
The district issues work permits to students, ages 14 - 17, who are eligible for employment.

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