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Early Childhood/PACE

Child and teacher using bead counting toy together

What is PACE?

PACE provides special education services, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Physical Therapy in 14 developmental delay classes, 3 speech-only classes, 13 community preschools, and 5 private preschools. PACE staff works with each student to meet their individual needs through the use of IEPs, assessments, and daily academic instruction. The program also incorporates social emotional learning, peer socialization and interaction, and gross motor skill development in order to help students begin their learning careers and prosper as they grow.

Referral Process

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Dean, PACE

ROCK Team (Reach Out to Connect Kids)

Early childhood mental health sets the stage for a child’s development. By addressing young children’s social-emotional development, we give them a better chance to form healthy relationships, manage their behavior and succeed in structured settings like child care or school. The SOURCE’s infancy & early childhood mental health program, called Together We ROCK!, seeks to support the mental health of Elkhart County’s youngest children. PACE is an active member in helping parents and community partners with childhood development.