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Kindness to Prevent Blindness

Doctor adjusts eyeglass frames to young girl's face

Thank you to the Elkhart Education Foundation for their continued support of ECS students! Kindness to Prevent Blindness provides free exams and glasses for ECS students in need. Here's some additional information about the program!

The Project

  • Good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full academic potential. Studies show behavior problems go down and academic success goes up when children have corrected vision. In collaboration with Boling Vision Center, this initiative is designed to ensure success in education through accurate eyesight supported by school visits from a mobile vision unit offering check-ups and supplemental eyewear for Elkhart students and those in surrounding counties in need at no cost to the student or the school district!

The Impact

  • 4,000+ students across 4 grade levels screened annually in Elkhart Community Schools
  • Improved academic and behavioral outcomes for the 85% of at-risk students that have undetected/untreated vision problems (national stat for Title 1 students, Zaba)
  • Closing the gap for referrals by providing follow-up on site: “When children are identified with vision problems during typical school screenings, an estimated 40% to 67% do not receive the recommended follow-up care by a vision care professional” (Zaba)

The Vision

  • A mobile exam unit that will screen students in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades (4,000+ students annually), as is required by the Indiana Department of Education. The unit will travel directly to the school building to provide medical eye exams for student referred by the vision screening process.
  • With assistance from the school nurse and Lion’s Club volunteers, Boling Vision Center staff and doctors will screen students and provide 2 pairs of glasses for students who need them: 1 to keep as a back-up in the nurse’s office and one to travel back and forth from school to home. By closing the referral loop gap and providing glasses and medical follow-up at the school building, positive outcomes for students will be ensured.

Visit the Elkhart Education Foundation's website to learn more!