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Closings & Delays

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Current Delay/Closing Status:

  • There are no current closings or delays.

Illness-Related Closings:

  • There are no current illness-related closings.

Requirements for E-Learning During Closure (English)

Requirements for E-Learning During Closure (Spanish)

Scheduled eLearning Days

Please mark your calendars! The following are planned/scheduled eLearning days for all ECS students:

  • September 27, 2022
  • October 19, 2022
  • December 8, 2022
  • February 2, 2023
  • March 8, 2023
  • April 18, 2023

Students will not attend school in person on scheduled eLearning days. Teachers will assign work and communicate classroom expectations via digital learning platforms, including Canvas, Seesaw, and/or district email. The following are district policies related to eLearning Days.

Requirements for E-Learning (English)

Requirements for E-Learning (Spanish)

Make-up Day for Closures

Students are required by law to attend 180 days of school, per the Indiana Department of Education. When the decision to close school is made, the school day must be made up using a previously scheduled “make-up day” or added to the end of the school year. When possible, Elkhart Community Schools may use an “eLearning day” to make up a missed day of school. In the event an eLearning day cannot be utilized for a closure during the school year, school will be in session on:

  • May 26, 2023

An updated school year calendar can be found here:




Policies for ECS Programs/Partners