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Recess Weather Guidelines

Ideally, recess should take place outdoors on school grounds as weather, space and safety permit. Outdoor recess allows children to get fresh air, provides an opportunity for children to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity, and gives students more activity options than most indoor spaces. Outdoor recess is an important part of a child’s school day and schools are highly encouraged to provide students with the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Shifting completely to indoor recess starting in a particular month (e.g. November or December) and continuing to conduct recess indoors, regardless of the weather conditions is not an acceptable practice. A school’s plan for recess should provide contingencies for inclement weather; however, holding recess indoors should be a backup plan, not the norm for a school. Use the following guidelines provided by the district to determine whether recess is held indoors or outdoors each day:

Weather Guidlines