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Transfer a Student

Transfer Information:

  • Eligibility: Students residing within Elkhart Community Schools' boundaries and outside of the boundaries are eligible to request a transfer to attend any of the schools within the district.

  • In-District Transfer: An in-district transfer is required when a student wants to attend an Elkhart Community school that is not their designated home school. To request an in-district transfer, students or their guardians should contact the school directly.

  • Out-of-District Transfer: An out-of-district transfer is necessary when a student wishes to attend an Elkhart Community school, but their home school is located outside of the Elkhart Community Schools' boundaries. To request an out-of-district transfer, individuals should get in touch with Student Services.

  • Transfer Acceptance: All transfer requests are contingent on the student maintaining satisfactory attendance and behavior. This includes maintaining a 95% attendance rate, having no more than ten (10) tardies, and adhering to the Rules for a Safe Learning Community and Good School Order.

  • Transfer Windows: It's important to note that no transfer requests will be accepted outside of these specified transfer windows.

    • The fall semester transfer window is open from April 1 to June 14.
    • The spring semester transfer window is open from October 1 to November 30.