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Young Adult Program

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The vision of the Young Adult Program is to equip all students with independence and purpose through community engagement and meaningful employment opportunities.


About the Program

Elkhart Community Schools' Young Adult Program (YAP) is designed for 18-22 year old adults with special needs, focusing on connecting students to job opportunities based on their abilities instead of their limitations. Students work on life skills such as next dollar amount, social skills, telling time, etc. YAP students work with job coaches and get placed into paid internships once training is completed. We have many different opportunities the students can get involved with, both in school and community job experiences, so every student can find the right fit for their needs and abilities.

Program Focus

We focus on getting the young adults’ experience in the community through outings that allow classroom work and practice to become applicable life skills. We also participate in volunteer job sites within the community. We’ve placed students at The Cove, Council on Aging, Feed the Children, Elkhart Civic Theatre, ECS Cafeterias, ECS Building Services, and many additional locations throughout the community.


Students are eligible to enter the Young Adult Program after they have completed a four-year high school experience and earned a Certificate of Completion or Alternative Diploma. Upon nearing completion of their four-year high school experience, the student's case conference committee will determine if the student is in need of additional, ongoing educational services to help prepare them with life skills and job readiness.

Hart City Coffee Company

Have you heard of Hart City Coffee Company? This non-profit business helps students learn real-world job skills through the grinding, packaging, and delivering of coffee. Hart City operates on a donation-basis. Additional information about Hart City Coffee Company can be found here: Hart City Coffee Company

The Young Adult Program also partners with the Elkhart Art Depot and Low Tide Island Designs. Our students are learning how to make pottery for the Art Depot and quality jewelry for Low Tide. 

Young Adult Program Contact

Lindsey Cox, Supervisor of Special Programs

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Hart City Coffee Company Logo

Check out Hart City Coffee Company!