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Young mother holding baby and smiling

Elkhart Community Schools' Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) was founded in 1976 and funded by a grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation. The program is designed to provide prenatal care and infant/toddler care for students who would otherwise have difficulty staying in school and graduating without quality childcare for their children. Any student at ECS who is pregnant or has a baby can qualify for assistance through TAPP. 

What does TAPP offer?

  • TAPP provides uninterrupted education and regular academic credit for school-aged parents.
  • TAPP assists in obtaining proper medical care for the pregnant student and child.
  • TAPP provides instruction in prenatal care, child development, interpersonal relationships, and adults roles and responsibilities.
  • TAPP provides care for infants/toddlers from 2 weeks to 30 months old.

Child Care Center

  • Infants at TAPP are cared for in a loving environment with activities that encourage developmental skills.
  • Toddlers at TAPP have daily age-appropriate activities that guide cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.


  • TAPP is a state-licensed child care center.
  • TAPP is accredited by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children).
  • TAPP is a Level 4 PTQ (Paths to Quality) child care center.


Teenage Parent Program
Elkhart Area Career Center
2424 California Road
Elkhart, IN 46514

Nancy Rodman
TAPP Early Childhood Coordinator

TAPP Staff:
Sherree Wilkey, Teacher
Lorna Suggs, Teacher
Galina Averkiev, Kitchen Manager
Desiree Jackson, Assistant