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Cleveland Elementary

Cleveland Elementary

Cleveland Elementary is a school on the northwest edge of Elkhart that provides over 550 students with a superior education, based in community giving and creativity. Clevelandʼs mission is to create a learning environment that inspires all to become passionate learners and responsible citizens. At Cleveland, we see the bright promise that is within every child and adult and encourage everyone to meet their maximum potential. Students at Cleveland are encouraged to find ways to give back to the community through volunteer work, such as serving meals at Faith Mission, or through creative projects like a "teddy bear drive" to donate stuffed animals through our local fire department. 

We welcome you to visit Cleveland for a tour and to understand the long legacy of our great school!

Cleveland Elementary

53403 County Road 1 North
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone: 574-262-5580

Kelly Carmichael, Principal

Kelly Carmichael

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