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Beginning Band and Orchestra

Start Your Child's Musical Journey with ECS!

Each year at this time, students eagerly wait their turn to join our music program. The study of music could be one of the most valuable steps in your child’s education. Current research shows that playing an instrument increases brain development and — along with developing responsibility, mental discipline, teamwork and self-esteem — will provide enjoyment while fostering a lifelong appreciation of music and other arts.

Our overall goal is to provide positive growth for all students through the study of music. We provide a music program which will teach all students to:  enjoy working with others, develop individual skills for social life, and experience the thrill of playing well with and for others.  Student growth through music will be gained by learning to:  concentrate on the job at hand, play an instrument in class, listen to the playing of others, develop a musical ear, develop rhythmic and melodic feeling, and play individually and in groups at school, home and in the community. 

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Important Dates!

Join us for Instrument Try-Outs / Registration Night!

Join us for Instrument Try-Outs / Registration on Tuesday, April 23 at North Side Middle School. Please arrive anytime between 5:00 and 7:30 to try an instrument and meet with a director to sign up for band or orchestra. If you are unable to attend the sign up night, students may try an instrument and sign up at their school when the band and orchestra directors visit. Students must turn in a permission form in order to try an instrument and sign up.   

Instrument Tryout FAQs

We hope these answers to commonly asked questions will assist you as you and your child begin their musical journey! Contact Kyle Weirich ( ) with additional questions.

Quinlan and Fabish Partnership with ECS

Should we rent an instrument from the school or from Quinlan and Fabish Music Company?  What if we own our own instrument?

Students renting an instrument from Quinlan and Fabish Music will be guaranteed to have a new or high quality used instrument available for them to play.  Quinlan and Fabish also have a reduced rental pricing period for beginning band/orchestra students.  People who choose to rent an instrument from Q & F will make regular monthly payments until the instrument is purchased (similar to financing a car). We have also found that students who rent a new or slightly used instrument from the music store tend to take better care of the instrument and have greater pride in their instrument. We are very fortunate at Elkhart Community Schools that we have a number of instruments available for rental.  Unfortunately, many of the school rental instruments have been played by many students throughout the years.  The other limitation of renting school instruments is that we only have a limited supply of certain instruments.  If we do not have the instrument available that your child selects, they will be asked to play another instrument.  

If you own an instrument, bring it along to the tryout night and we will check to see if it is in a condition which allows your child to be successful.  Your child is welcome to use that instrument as they begin their musical journey as long as it is a good fit for them.

Quinlan & Fabish Rental & Purchase Agreements