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Mary Daly Elementary

Mary Daly

Located in the heart of Elkhart on Strong Avenue, Mary Daly Elementary is one of the last true neighborhood schools in the area. Surrounded by a well-established and supportive neighborhood, students, families, and neighbors at Mary Daly are all known on a first-name basis by the staff. Aside from the sound educational foundation, students are also given the chance to develop through clubs, activities, sports, and student council. One academic focus at Mary Daly is career exploration. Through robust curriculum development that incorporates all subject fields, students are given the opportunity to explore what it means to specialize in a career field. Students are able to meet with professionals within those fields, as well as a variety of fields, to ask questions and develop a sense of greater understanding in their future options. Community partners mentor many of our children, helping them envision and achieve their full potential.

We welcome you to visit Mary Daly for a tour and to understand the long legacy of our great school.

Mary Daly Elementary

1735 Strong Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46514

Don Kominowski, Interim Principal


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