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Osolo Elementary

Osolo Elementary School

Osolo Elementary serves over 450 students in grades K through 6 in a caring and supportive environment. The staff at Osolo focus on teaching the Bobcat Basics of being respectful, being responsible, and being results-oriented as we work towards living out our mission statement of “Expecting and Reaching Our Personal Best!” The bright and contemporary design of the Osolo building is welcoming to children and families, yet it is the genuine caring of the staff that makes people feel comfortable and in no hurry to leave. Osoloʼs students excel in this warm and inspiring environment. They know that every staff member, from the principal to the custodian, is there to help them learn, achieve, and grow into the best person they can be. Attended by over 600 people, Osoloʼs back to school picnic is an event families look forward to every year, as is Osoloʼs annual holiday bazaar.

We welcome you to visit Osolo for a tour.

Osolo Elementary

24975 County Road 6 East
Elkhart, IN 46514

Kris Weimer, Principal

Kris Weimer

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