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Resources for All Staff

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403(b) Toolkit for ECS Staff

403(b) Questions:

Jennifer Lee, Supervisor of Accounting, Audits, and Investments 


Employee Assistance Plan

EAP Questions:

Maggie Lozano, Human Resources


Grant Application Procedure

Grant Procedure Questions:

Dr. Brad Sheppard, Instructional Leadership

Federal Grants:

Beth Williams, Instructional Leadership



Insurance Information

Insurance Questions:

Julie Crane, Insurance 


Leave of Absence

For additional information of Leave of Absence policies, please visit the following board policies:

Leave of Absence Questions:

Maggie Lozano, Human Resources


Name Change Information

It is vitally important that the Human Resources Department have your current name and address information. If you move or legally change your name, there are forms that need to be completed so that personnel, payroll, insurance, and retirement information is correct. Please be aware that your name cannot be changed on your Elkhart Community Schools records until you have changed your name with the Social Security Administration and have furnished the Personnel Department with proof of having applied for the new Social Security card.

  • To change your name: complete this Elkhart Community Schools form and return to ECS Human Resources Department
  • To change your address: visit, click the “Menu” link at the top right, then Update Your Address.
    • Please note: you must be logged into the ECS network (on campus) to make this change.


Name Change Questions:

Rebecca Thompson, Human Resources



Keep up to date with what's happening at Elkhart Community Schools through our employee News website (district credentials required):

Please also following along on our district's Facebook page:


Payroll Information

ECS employee payroll operates in the form of direct deposits. Employee payroll information is available to employees through a secure online system. Employees can access current and historical payroll information through the Doculivery system 24/7. Information is uploaded by 8:00am on pay days.

Login to Doculivery

Quick Start Guide for First Time Users

Payroll Questions:

Sherry Auker, Building Services & Transportation Staff

Bill Linn, Claims

Teresa McLain, Classified Staff

Chris Romanetz, Certified and Classified Staff



Retirement Information

Retirement Questions:

Jennifer Lee, Supervisor of Accounting, Audits, and Investments 


Textbook Reimbursement

All Elkhart Community Schools’ employees are eligible to receive assistance from the district with expenses related to instructional materials provided the employee’s children are enrolled in the Elkhart Community Schools.

  • Employees are eligible to seek a reimbursement stipend for the amount paid by the employee to ECS, up to fifty dollars ($50.00) per student, for curricular material rental fees for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • To be reimbursed, the employee must complete the Reimbursement for Curricular Materials Fees Paid form (linked below) and submit it to the Business Office no later than May 1, 2023.
  • The employee must:
    • be the parent/guardian of the student,
    • provide evidence of payment, and
    • be an active employee as of the date of payment.
  • Only one parent/guardian can file for reimbursement if both parents work for ECS.
  • The following documents would be considered satisfactory evidence of payment: canceled check, email receipt from eFunds, school receipt, or a bank statement for electronic checks. Employees must submit proof of payment along with a completed Reimbursement for Curricular Materials Fees Paid form to or send the documents to Dawn Lawson in the business office via interoffice mail.
  • Reimbursement of these fees will not be paid at the time the Business Office receives proof of payment.
  • The reimbursement will be paid with the employee’s regular payroll on June 09, 2023 but will show up as a separate deposit from your regular payroll deposit.

Reimbursement for Curricular Materials Form

Textbook Reimbursement Questions:

Dawn Lawson, Staff Accountant